As with any chemical product, we must have a minimum of precautions such as using gloves, not leaving it within reach of children, not bringing the face to the product, etc. We speak of an energetic drain plunger to dilute the organic and inorganic waste from the drain; therefore, when using this product, we do not have to accompany any mechanism, either manual or mechanical, only the plunger.

1– First of all, we should try to make as little water as possible in the drain.

2– Second, if possible, we should pour the liquid directly into the drain pipe without going through the siphon so that we will get the plunger directly into the embrace.

3– Once these precautions are taken, we will pour the liquid slowly into the drain.

4– We will then pour a glass of cold water and wait for 8 or 10 minutes, after this time we will flow plenty of water since the drain will be clean and like new.

If none of the techniques explained work, it would be necessary to contact a professional best plumber who could review and evaluate the state of the plumbing installation.

We will continue in the next post talking about problems and possible solutions in our plumbing installations.

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