What To Do In A Drained Or Smelly Drain In Carlsbad

One of the most uncomfortable situations in a house is the drainage of a waste since, usually, it is accompanied by bad permanent odors due to the residues that have been trapped in certain parts of the installation.

The first thing that we have to take into account when we are in a drained or smelly drainage situation in our house, is to check the siphons, all the sanitary devices have a siphon or siphon boat, in the case of a siphon, one is installed individually by a sterile equipment (bidet, washbasin, etc.) and is usually on the back or bottom of the sanitary appliance. They are often a set of white tubes with a lower registration nut that we will have to loosen turning left. We will access the location where the organic waste is deposited that the water can not take with it. Once the siphon has been cleaned, we will put the registration cap back on, this time by screwing it to the right and checking if the work we have done has been successful.

If we continue to have the same problem as before checking the siphon, we can try to open it by exerting pressure on the drain, helping us with what is commonly called a “pacifier,” a kind of suction cup that we will apply to the drain hole. To remove the jam, we will fill a little water in the sanitary appliance and exercise a rapid movement (with the pacifier) ​​from the bottom to the top to provoke the action of the jam and its continuous dissolution. Once this operation has been carried out if it has not taken effect either, we should move on to the solution that has to give us the final resolution. It is about using a chemical product specially designed for domestic jams. We have to follow the steps that we are going to indicate below.v

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Precautions For Drain

As with any chemical product, we must have a minimum of precautions such as using gloves, not leaving it within reach of children, not bringing the face to the product, etc. We speak of an energetic drain plunger to dilute the organic and inorganic waste from the drain; therefore, when using this product, we do not have to accompany any mechanism, either manual or mechanical, only the plunger.

1– First of all, we should try to make as little water as possible in the drain.

2– Second, if possible, we should pour the liquid directly into the drain pipe without going through the siphon so that we will get the plunger directly into the embrace.

3– Once these precautions are taken, we will pour the liquid slowly into the drain.

4– We will then pour a glass of cold water and wait for 8 or 10 minutes, after this time we will flow plenty of water since the drain will be clean and like new.

If none of the techniques explained work, it would be necessary to contact a professional who could review and evaluate the state of the plumbing installation.

We will continue in the next post talking about problems and possible solutions in our plumbing installations.

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